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Esbach’s Albuminometer And Thermometer In Wooden Stands.

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This is an instrument for determining the presence and amount of protein albumin in a urine sample. It consists of a graduated tube with ‘R and U’ and a non-linear scale ½ to 12. The tube is hand engraved “Albuminimeter n Dr. Esbach”, inserted into a wooden stand with cover. A second wooden stand may include a thermometer or test tube. The amount of albumin in the urine has been a good predictor of nephropathy. Historically, this Albuminometer contributes significantly to the development of quantitative urinalysis and to the foundation of clinical chemistry. It was made in large numbers during the years 1900 – 1950. Reference: Hatcher WWJ, Webb AGW. “George Hubert Esbach” and the tube albuminometer. Med Lab Sci 1979; 36: 185-190.