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Pool of Bethesda Jerusalem circa 1870

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This is an original vintage Albumen print on a thin sheet of paper with sepia color and slightly glossy surface probably by Bonfils of the pools of Bethesda in Jerusalem circa 1870. The pools are to the north of the Temple mount. The first pool was dug during the 8th Century BCE and was called the Upper Pool . A second pool, known as the Washers' Pool, was dug during the third century BCE by Simon the High Priest. These pools were used to wash the sheep prior to their sacrifice in the Temple. This use of the pools gave the water a halo of sanctity, and many invalids came to the pools to be healed and cleansed. In the Gospel of John chapter 5 there is a story of a man, waiting at the pool of Bethesda for a miracle of healing. Jesus, seeing him in this woeful condition, asked him, "Wilt thou be made whole?" The man told Jesus that he had no one to help him in to the water. Jesus responded, "Rise, take up thy bed, and walk." The man was healed immediately. Today the pools have been excavated. Part of them lie beneath the12 century church of St. Ann. Size 28 cm X 22 cm. the photograph is in overall good condition with small amount of foxing and some ink stains.