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RARE Early 19th Century Hand Driven Brass Lathe

Item#: TOG694



A Rare Early 19th Century Hand Driven Brass Lathe. This is a fine example of the English type watchmakers mandrel, used to hold, cut and process flat pieces such as watch and clock plates. The word "mandrel" can cause some confusion. Usually it refers to a rotating spindle, but it is also widely used to mean the brass lathes made in the 19th century. This English cord driven type mandrel was made by I.J.S. and was used in the same way as the gear driven type Swiss mandrel. The lathe consists of a hand-tool rest, 4 inch faceplate with six crossings and three adjustable jaws. Retracting iron center pin and an 8 inch turned rosewood hand wheel on an iron arm. The entire assembly is mounted on a recently made mahogany display base.
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