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Complete Sikes Hydrometer with Book, Weights and Ivory Thermometer by Gaskell & Chambers, London

Item#: SPR525



Sikes Hydrometer by Gaskell & Chambers, complete with original weights and ivory thermometer. This complete and original Sikes Hydrometer set is signed with a serial number 5375 and includes an ivory thermometer (old repair), float, 10 weights that are numbered 5375 and Mahogany case. This is a brass instrument set used to determine the strength of spirits providing an accurate method of determining alcohol proof, strength, and percentages. Sikes's hydrometer was enshrined in legislation in 1816 with the Sikes Hydrometer Act and remained the legal standard until 1907. The box measures 21 X 9.5 cm (8 ¼ X 4 inch) The lid is marked Gaskell & chambers 113 7 114 Blackfriars Rd. London. Also included is a book called: "Sikes Tables of the Concetrated Strength of Spirits, with Directions For The Use of His Hydrometer". 143 pages, Revised Edition,1918.