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Pewter 'Gibson' Medicine Spoon Rare 19th Century

Item#: MET529



A Rare 19th Century Pewter 'Gibson' Medicine Spoon by S. MAW London. Charles Gibson invented this type of spoon in 1827 for administering medicine. For this ingenious invention he was awarded the Society’s silver medal. The spoon is to be filled through the hinged flap on the bowl. The lid, when closed, forms an airtight seal. The stem of the spoon, which is connected to its bowl, is hollow. Placing a finger over the end of the stem prevents the contents from escaping through the slot at the tip of the spoon until it is put into the patient’s mouth. The finger can be slowly removed allowing the liquid to flow. The flap is marked 'Maw Aldersgate St.' and appears in his catalogue from 1832. This is the early signature of J & S. Maw, Medical and Meteorological Instruments makers, working at 7-12 Aldergates St. London. By mid 19th century the Company’s name was changed to S. Maw, Son & Thompson.